Samsung 870 EVO SSD Review

Samsung has unveiled 870 EVO SSDs, which are as good as SATA drives

The new SATA hard drives feature up to 30 percent faster performance speeds than the 860 EVO, which isn’t a huge boost at all.


The Samsung 870 EVO uses the company’s latest V-NAND flash memory and controller to make an updated SSD that is entirely in-house. SLC variable buffer drives use Samsung’s intelligent TurboWrite technology to maintain peak performance. generally


So why is Samsung releasing a SATA drive in 2021? Well, a lot of users, including gamers, may not have access to the latest NVMe standards or only have one or two slots to plug them into. Whereas even the scariest of motherboards have at least four SATA ports. Then there are the old laptops and NAS drives.